Friday, June 1, 2012

Guidelines for Finding Cheap Car Rentals

Travelers love sightseeing and learning new cultures. They can do without the expensive car rental fees. By following these guidelines, travelers can get cheap car rental rates from reputable rental agencies that also provide quality services to customers.
Select the Right Car

Depending on its popularity and value each type of vehicle has a separate rental fee. If you are willing to rent on the lower end of the spectrum, you can get lower rates. Also, consider the cost of gas when choosing a vehicle. Larger cars will require more gas and are not as good on gas as some smaller cars.
Ask About Discounts

If you want even lower rental fees, ask the rental agency about possible discounts you may be eligible to receive. Common discounts include savings as result of membership in certain auto organizations such as AAA. You can also get discounts if you are willing to take a rental car that nobody else wants.
Understand the Fees

The decisions you make will affect whether you can avoid certain fees or not. For example, you may have to pay surcharges if you use an airport rental company. They are not trying to rip you off - they are required by law to charge you those fees.

Avoid Cleaning and Refuel Fees

Be sure to clean the car before returning it. Many rental agencies charge a cleaning fee so they can make the car suitable for the next customer. But if you handle this yourself, you can ask that the fee be waived. Same goes for the refuel fees - top off your tank before you return it so you are not charged if they have to refuel the car.
Negotiate Rental Fees

The final price that you are offered is not necessarily the one you have to settle for. There is absolutely nothing that prevents you from negotiating with the rental company until you reach a compromise on the rental rate. If the counter representative is unwilling to negotiate, ask to speak to the manager.
Comparison Shop

Get online quotes from rental agencies so you can compare services and cheap car rental rates. Gathering this information can help you make informed decisions so you pay lower rental fees. If you are willing to be flexible in your travel dates, you can obtain even lower rates. On average, renting is cheaper on week days than on weekends. By comparison shopping it is easy to get cheap car rental.


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