Thursday, December 29, 2011

5 Unique Conference Venues in Edinburgh

For those in business, arranging or attending a business conference can become a dull and monotone part of life. However, in this day and age, with the technology that is now widely available, there is no need for business conferences to be boring and repetitive. Choosing a fun, exciting or inspirational conference venue can have a huge impact on the overall success of your conference. This article will look at 5 unique Conference Venues in Edinburgh.

Sometimes an inspirational or thought provoking setting can be the perfect way of engaging your employees, colleagues and peers. In Edinburgh, the Surgeons Hall will set the mood of your business conference perfectly. Built in 1832, the Surgeons Hall will provide a venue of magnificent grandeur, yet at the same time deliver a wide range of modern, state-of-the-art technology.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What About the Leather Courier and Messenger Bag?

Leather courier and messenger bags have been around for a long time. I have seen people, in writing or in verbal explanation, attempt to distinguish the difference between the two leather bags. Actually, there is little or no difference between the two cases. The dictionary usually uses one term to synonymously define the other.

The courier or messenger bag is distinguished from other leather briefcases and bags by the size, shape and style. They usually have a flap from the top of the back over the main compartment to one-half or full coverage on the front. This flap provides protection and a place to put another zippered pocket or to attach smaller compartments to organize and store smaller gadgets. They can be a horizontal or vertical format and be as small as a man bag or document case; or as large as a laptop case or satchel - such as a mail bag.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Pet Transport Tips for a Smooth and Safe Journey

There are many rules and regulations that surround transporting your pet anywhere outside the UK. In this day and age it is possible for us to take our beloved pets on holiday with us all around the world. Unfortunately it's not as easy as going to the airport getting through

re certain laws that surround pet transport.

I'm going to run through a few quick checks you need to have made before you go booking your holidays with the intention of taking your dogs, cats or any other pets you may have with you to a far away country because it's always better to be safe than sorry.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

SharePoint Consultants You Should NOT Risk Hiring For Your Microsoft Project Needs

Choosing SharePoint consultants to help you with your Microsoft Project needs has to be done properly. As these people are really effective at assisting your company to maximise the benefits of the integration of Project 2010 with Microsoft SharePoint - the wrong consultants would not only endanger the success of your projects, but also put your business operation on hold.

Thus, when you're on the market for consultancy firms that promise to help you manage Office Project 2010 better, it would be helpful to learn about the most common mistakes people commit when hiring SharePoint consultants. This way, you can avoid them and grant your company the certainty that you'd never suffer due to these mistakes.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Incentive Travel Companies: What Do They Do For Business?

An incentive is given as a reward for accomplishing a specific goal, improved productivity, or individual accomplishments. Travel programs offer organizations a way to supply a unique experience when certain objectives are appropriately met. Companies must create a productive program upon deciding to use this type of reward over others. Choosing an appropriate destination, meeting budgeting requirements, and providing the push needed for goal accomplishment can be difficult for any sized organization. Incentive travel companies are available to assist with the important planning aspects of these programs. Businesses receive better results when this process is outsourced to a dependable provider. This is because the planning of a travel award can be very extensive.

Flights, accommodation, itinerary, food, and various other items must be planned according to a set budget. This may involve negotiating prices with several businesses in the defined location in addition to numerous transportation suppliers. An organization will also have to set objectives, entice workers toward achieving them, and supply information on how to receive the set reward. It can become too much for an already time constrained business. Travel reward professionals handle a significant portion of the workload, assist with budget constraints, and ensure every aspect of planning is covered.

Incentive Travel: Immense Professional Knowledge Improves Program Success

An incentive travel program will only be successful with the right planning, and finding a company to assist with this process is essential. A dependable company eliminates the stress added during planning. The chosen provider should work hard to gain an understanding of company goals to accomplish the creations of a one of a kind achievement program. Organizations receive better service when employee dynamics such as destination preferences are known. When a provider actively inquires about this type of information, it is a good indicator of their outsourcing reliability. This kind of involvement shows a true interest in putting together an exclusive program designed around the specific motivational needs of an organization. These qualities should be sought out prior to hiring an incentive travel service.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Myanmar and Its Emergence Onto the World Stage

I was very pleased to read the news article inferring that Myanmar is now prepared to join the world's community of nations, which means I hope that they are ready to treat their nationals with respect and dignity. The Burmese are on the whole a lovely gentle caring race of people, For the people of Myanmar have for far to long relied on their community and spiritual way of life to ensure that they are equipped to travel beyond the woes brought upon them by the oppression that they have endured at the hands of their military. For the Burmese people have had their calm and spiritual persona exploited to the extreme by the military junta that has controlled this country, we the west have stood by and allowed this oppression to happen.

Back in the 90's I had the privilege to work in Yangon as a consultant to their fledgling mobile telephony network, albeit my work lasted only for a short period of time, a matter of a few months. For one fleeting moment, about 12 to 15 years ago it looked as though they were about to rejoin the democratic world order, as they tried to embrace democracy. Global hotel chains rushed to Yangon to build and operate spectacular hotels of incredible quality, sadly as they did keep to the democratic discipline, these hotels have stood largely empty.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Best Apps for Busy Executive Travelers

So you have a hot new iPhone or iPad - now which apps should you download and use? Here's a list of the hottest apps to help you travel smarter and work more efficiently when on the road.

FlightCaster is a free app for the iPhone that claims to predict flight delays with 95 percent accuracy. So before booking your next flight, check if there's a chance of any delays first.

GateGuru is another free app for iPhones that allows you to search your airport for the restaurants, stores and services that you want and need. You can also bookmark favorite spots, read reviews, and share your travels via Facebook and Twitter.

Kayak is one of the world's leading travel search engines. Kayak Mobile for the iPad and iPhone lets you use Kayak's dedicated travel search engine to find flight prices from almost any origin to destinations around the world. Find what you need based on price, comfort and positive feedback.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Guidelines to Starting Your Own Travel Business Online

Starting your own travel business online can be one of the best decisions you will make in your lifetime, especially if traveling is your passion and helping others find the best travel deals is your goal. There are many companies offering various opportunities to people like you who are interested in making money in the travel industry, and as long as you keep an eye on details and are willing to spend some time finding some of the most affordable yet excellent deals you will surely have a steady stream of clients at the soonest possible time. If you are new to online business opportunities and would want to start making money through having a travel agency of your own here are a few things that you may want to consider.

First, take the time to look for travel companies that are not only easy to deal with but would also provide you with special deals on various travel packages. Many travel companies are constantly on the lookout for people who want to start their own travel business or agency. These companies often provide assistance to aspiring travel agents by providing them with affordable travel packages and paying them commissions for each package successfully booked. However, it is always best to find a reputable travel company to work with in order to establish your reputation among clients as soon as possible. Search for reviews and testimonials and determine which companies can provide the best deals and the best compensation for travel agencies and freelance agents.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rewarding Employees With Extraordinary Incentive Travel

Nothing provides pure bliss like getting to see an extraordinary worldly location; however, the opportunity can be very difficult for individuals to obtain. Incentive programs provide organizations a way to encourage employees to perform better and meet stated goals. Travel awards have become a common method for keeping employee spirits up as well as supplying enough motivation for improved results. Numerous destinations may be chosen when implementing this type of program within an organization. A company can offer an once-in-a-lifetime trip with a "wow factor" everyone will strive hard to receive. Employees do not have to plan the trip, worry about the expense, and have something to look forward to after they have accomplished company goals. Staff members not only get to visit an extraordinary incentive travel location, but also have the chance to gain memories they carry with them for a lifetime. This motivational factor has made travel programs one of the top choices among organizations desiring something dependable when desiring to motivate their workforce to excel.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Non-Conspicuous Business Travel, the New Norm

The other day, I was at Starbucks I was talking to a gentleman who was formerly from Ireland. He is now a US citizen, and he runs a business in the transportation industry. Specifically he shuttles executives, and wealthy individuals to and from the airport, and around town in town cars and Limousines while they are on vacation, or while they are snow-birding in our desert resort community. We got to talking about how more and more wealthy folks and corporate executives are traveling incognito without the flashy Limousines. There's a reason for this, and I'd like to talk about it for a moment if I might.

If you "travel large" and flash the cash so to speak, carrying expensive designer bags jump in and out of expensive cars, well, in some countries you are liable to get kidnapped if you are too conspicuous or if you appear be wealthy. If you look like you are a corporate executive, there's a good chance that your company has bought travel insurance to pay off the kidnappers, and therefore, that's easy money, and you will soon become a target.